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Post massive success of our corporate YYESWEUS IT solution, a new idea struck to commence academic venture in the year 2019. We came up with YYESWEUS Digital Academy of Information Technology in Mumbai with the need to sharpen the young raw beginner’s minds that could turn out to be refined and updated professionals, ready to brighten their future with our valuable guidance and limitless mentor.

In this rapid era of digitalization, the significant objective to crop with information technology academy became necessity for us as most Engineering colleges unfortunately have been unable to impart the crux of the technical know-how essential for the learners career growth and development hence Information technology has become one of the most desired and recognized courses to be opted by the learners across the globe. Sadly, only 30% of the authentic and obligatory content is imparted to the learners and 70% of inessential matter is taught to them which hardly have any importance in their future career whereas YYESWEUS Academy gives utmost importance to the real life probable concepts which further helps them to bring about 360 degree all round development of their bright career producing the real professionals on the platform ready to take up challenging jobs in future.

Our academy YYESWEUS is one of the few supreme certified IT academies located in Bhayander. IT related seminars have been conducted ... by the visionary Vinod Kadam in Abhinav College of Bhayander where 80 students participated to comprehend the core principles of IT techniques and how to precisely implement the foundational aspects of IT in the real world.

Massive demands for highly skilled IT professionals in metro cities have laid great emphasis on this stream of career to be picked up by technically discern learners all around. In addition, learning and understanding the essential elements of Information technology by extraordinary skilled experts help develop tremendous interest in varied long term hi-tech courses paving way for bright future of the learners. Multiple courses offered by our academy like Mobile App Development, Website Development, Advanced Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing and Programming languages gives one the holistic approach of learning Information technological courses under one roof with several interlinked fragments of learning.

Considering the pressing need of the time, our academy YYESWEUS has come up with list of Hi-Tech courses with the most affordable fees that can suit even the nominal pocket of the learners. Hands on exposure other than syllabi in the course will certainly produce the best from the future IT professionals of our academy. Conducive learning environment with practical knowledge will train the learners and motivate them to discover new ways to deal with tricky situations in the upcoming modern world.

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To pick up the cherry from the cake i.e.to pick the best from the competitive industry nowadays has become the most arduous and challenging job for people across the society. Possessing extra ordinary Hi-Tech skills have become a regular and significant feature than an exception lately for many to secure a well-paid job and build a bright future.

Get in touch with YYESWEUS Digital Academy of Technology and kick start your career with a unique and different dimension to grow and succeed with us....

Our YYESWEUS Digital Academy of Technology primarily focuses and emphasizes on career oriented syllabus. Providing a detailed study material helps one achieve their career goals prudently, making their tricky paths smooth and easier compared to others. Additional and redundant syllabus only adds burden and boredom driving one off track and causes disinterest and struggle in completion of the course.

As it is rightly said by someone that" Practice makes man perfect "so we as professionals here at YYESWEUS Digital Academy of Technology believe in the same strategy. Learners at our academy are given an opportunity to work and handle live projects that are undertaken by our IT solution company before securing a job in the outside world. It is important for one to acquire right knowledge at right time with live projects to understand things holistically from the industry's point of view.

YYESWEUS IT Solution Company gave an impetus of establishing an IT academy at our own doorstep. The need for people to be trained by excellent experts forced us to come up as a guiding academy where learners are moulded into pro in their fields and turned up to be all-rounders and overall professionals ready to be absorbed by competitive market.

The most unique and outstanding feature of our YYESWEUS Digital Academy of Technology is to provide our learners with 3 months internship letter at the end of the course. Internship letter itself to a great extent speaks about the credibility of a person in the market making it easy and convenient for them to secure a dignified job in esteemed companies for their future endeavors.

The conclusive factor stands the most significant of all once we produce well organized, efficient and excellent digital marketing candidates ready for the market. Several placements as per the requisites of the market are forwarded to the companies by us for the ones who are on watch out to be picked by the reputed IT companies in the metro cities. 100% job assistance is assured to the candidates until they find their dream job by guiding and aiding them in multiple ways.

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