C and C++


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Target Audience

10th & 12th class students Undergraduates, Graduates Post-Graduates & Job aspirants


Anyone who have a knowledge of Computer Basics.

Course Duration

1 Month, Sat-Sun Batches.

C++ Course In Mumbai
Module 1

Introduction to C

  • Data types.
  • Operators.
  • Control Structure.
  • Loops
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Module 2


  • Introduction to Functions.
  • Standard & User defined Functions.
  • Storage Class.
  • Pass by Value, pass by Reference.
  • Recursive Functions.
Programming Language Course In Mumbai
Module 3


  • Introduction to Pointers.
  • Pointers to variable.
  • Pointers to pointers.
C/C++ Course Near Me
Module 4


  • Introduction to Arrays.
  • Arrays with pointers.
  • Arrays with functions.
  • Types of Arrays.
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Module 5


  • Introduction to Strings.
  • String Functions.
  • Array of Strings
C/C++ Classes In Mumbai
Module 6

Structures, Unions, Enum and type def

  • Enum and typedef.
  • Introduction to Structures.
  • Defining Structures.
  • Struct with pointers , arrays, strings and Functions.
  • Union, Different between Structure & Union.
C/C++ Training In Mumbai
Module 7

File Operations

  • Introduction to files.
  • Types of Files.
  • File Pointers.
  • Opening & Closing Files.
  • Modifying & deleting Files.
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C/C++ Institutes In Mumbai
Module 1

Introduction to C++

  • Oops.
  • Function Prototypes.
  • Comments.
  • Typecasting.
  • Void Pointers.
  • The :: operator.
  • Reference variables.
C Course In Mumbai
Module 2


  • Function Prototypes.
  • Function Overloading.
  • Call by value, address & reference.
  • Return by value, by address & By reference.
  • Inline Functions.
C++ Course In Mumbai
Module 3

Class in C++

  • Class and Constructors.
  • Destructors.
  • Copy Constructor.
  • The this Pointer.
  • New and delete Operators.
  • Using new and delete.
  • Malloc ( ) / free ( ) versus new/delete.
  • Class, Objects and Memory.
  • Structures vs. Class.
C/C++  Course Near Me
Module 4

Overloading operators

  • Introduction.
  • Overloading assignment operator.
  • Overloading Logical operators.
C/C++ Courses In Mumbai
Module 5


  • Constructors in Inheritance.
  • Private Inheritance.
  • Protected Inheritance.
  • Virtual Function.
  • Pure virtual functions.
  • Abstract class.
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Module 6

Input / Output In C++ (File operations)

  • Manipulators.
  • File I/O with Streams.
  • Opening and closing files.
  • Binary I/O.
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