Is html a programming language?

Every beginner, who starts learning website development comes with this question “is HTML a programming language?”
Let me come up with big NO here. No, it’s not a programming language. If you look at the full form it says “Hypertext Mark-up language”.
Hypertext means document, data which is to be display to web user.
ata which is to be display to web user.
Mark-up stands for sequences of characters, symbols which is used to represent data in particular fashion. In HTML this mark-ups are nothing but tags, attributes, character references, entity references.
HTML don’t have any smartness like other programming languages such as PHP, Java to decide when to display data, how to store data, how to retrieve data, controlling number of repetition. HTML is only responsible for How to display this data. For e.g.

  • Weather this data to be display in bold, italic
  • Weather this is heading, paragraph or normal text
  • Display images, displaying data into structure such as list and tables
  • Accepting data using forms

HTML don’t have any other competitor. It’s a client side language that means only browser knows how to render html pages. Currently we all using 5th stable version of HTML called as html5.

Here is one basic example of html

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>Sample Title</title>
    <h1>To display heading data</h1>
    <p>To display paragraph data</p>

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